Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tom Green to make a rap album.

This should be quite funny. I just find it hard to believe he won a Juno in 1992.

My bum is on your lips

Monday, May 09, 2005

I wonder how long he practiced this?

Just when you thought there was nothing else to do with music.

Beatbox Harmonica

Random Lyric

Something 'bout the way your hair
falls in your face
I love
the shape you take when crawling
towards the pillowcase

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dance? From gutsponge.blogspot.com

I did some writing on a friend's blog on Saturday, February 26, 2005 over at www.gutsponge.blogspot.com This is
said writing.

The other day while laying in my bed channel surfing, I came across a music video on MTV. As surprising as that sounds - MTV playing a music video, that wasn't what interested me. The video playing was a song I had heard at less 50 million times from the 4 Hiphop/R&B/Pop/Rock/Top 40/bad music stations here in Philly. The song, 1,2 Step By Ciara is a breathy Pop song with a catchy chorus more suitable for the Gym then a Music video. In Ciara's own words the songs beat is
"Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh,Work my body so melodic"

I would have to agree with her on this. If you hear this song once, your hooked! I'm not saying it a good song, just catchy. As I lay there nodding my head, to my surprise there is a part in the video where she breaks down how to do the "1,2 step."
Growing up in the 80's any new dance move that I saw I mimicked immediately. Most I can still do - My cabbage patch is the bomb. I found my self standing in the middle of my room pressing record on my DVR so I could take a closer look at this "1,2 step." After watching it a couple of time I thought I had it down. Just when I was about to unleash my new dance move on the world I happened to remember that I was 25 years old.Most of said moves I learned in the 80's are only brought out when some kind of alcohol was involved. So why was I trying to learn a new dance move, at 25 no less? I'm not saying that people who are 25 shouldn't be dancing. Ciara, Usher and the like get paid very well to dance. I just don't think I should be learning new dance steps. If I had gotten the 1,2 step down and decided to do it at a party how uncool would I be? Not cool at all! There for, there is no need for me to learn new dance moves. All the moves I have from the 80's and early 90's - MC Hammer, will suit me fine if they ever need to be called on. But I know that one day at some party where I'm drunk, someone will challenge me to a dance off and I'll have my bag full of 80's and 90's dance moves and they will break out the 1,2 step and I will lose.


First things first. This blog is about music, why I love it, hate it and how it makes me feel. My intent with this is to expose others to what I think is good music and hopefully be exposed to what others think is good music. My favorite genre of music is R&B, so I anticipate a heavy lean in that direction, but you can also expect we to write about other genres as well, as I do listen to everything. What you shouldn't expect is reviews of albums or songs in the traditional sense. I will express how the songs make me feel and inquire what effect it as on others, if any. This is also a work in progress so anything is bound to happen. And so it starts...