Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dance? From

I did some writing on a friend's blog on Saturday, February 26, 2005 over at This is
said writing.

The other day while laying in my bed channel surfing, I came across a music video on MTV. As surprising as that sounds - MTV playing a music video, that wasn't what interested me. The video playing was a song I had heard at less 50 million times from the 4 Hiphop/R&B/Pop/Rock/Top 40/bad music stations here in Philly. The song, 1,2 Step By Ciara is a breathy Pop song with a catchy chorus more suitable for the Gym then a Music video. In Ciara's own words the songs beat is
"Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh,Work my body so melodic"

I would have to agree with her on this. If you hear this song once, your hooked! I'm not saying it a good song, just catchy. As I lay there nodding my head, to my surprise there is a part in the video where she breaks down how to do the "1,2 step."
Growing up in the 80's any new dance move that I saw I mimicked immediately. Most I can still do - My cabbage patch is the bomb. I found my self standing in the middle of my room pressing record on my DVR so I could take a closer look at this "1,2 step." After watching it a couple of time I thought I had it down. Just when I was about to unleash my new dance move on the world I happened to remember that I was 25 years old.Most of said moves I learned in the 80's are only brought out when some kind of alcohol was involved. So why was I trying to learn a new dance move, at 25 no less? I'm not saying that people who are 25 shouldn't be dancing. Ciara, Usher and the like get paid very well to dance. I just don't think I should be learning new dance steps. If I had gotten the 1,2 step down and decided to do it at a party how uncool would I be? Not cool at all! There for, there is no need for me to learn new dance moves. All the moves I have from the 80's and early 90's - MC Hammer, will suit me fine if they ever need to be called on. But I know that one day at some party where I'm drunk, someone will challenge me to a dance off and I'll have my bag full of 80's and 90's dance moves and they will break out the 1,2 step and I will lose.


At Monday, May 09, 2005, Anonymous AB said...

I read this post already but I enjoyed reading it again!

At Sunday, July 03, 2005, Blogger ANDREW M. said...

ahem.... just so you know, i WILL be suing you for copyright infringement due to your blatant thievery of the content from my other blog. have fun in prison jackass!


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