Monday, January 02, 2006

Its been a while…

I haven’t posted in awhile. Just chalk it up to plan old laziness. With the New Year, here is a new post.

Last year I did a lot of things I set out to accomplish. Most feel short. I had planed on reading 15 – 20 books. I got to 11 as you can see on the side of this blog. The highlights of those were Improbable by Adam Fawer. Making Memories by a co-worker of mine was an also a favorite. I’ve never read an unpublished book and doing so was a wonderful experience. I wish I had the means to keep focused on one thing that long. The broker was the worst book I read this year. Another thing set out to do was take more classes in subjects that interest me. Last year I took the beginning television writing class at the writer’s university. This class was way too hard for me. I wouldn’t say this was a beginner’s class. Maybe it was but not for me. I did learn a lot from this class, one being that I have a lot of work to do.

The other class I took was an acting class. This was my second acting class. I’m not sure if I took the class the first one in 2005 or 2004. This class was with Mike Lemon of Mike Lemon casting here in Philly. I had fun in this class and met a lot of cool people I hope to keep in touch with.

Here is a list of all the movies I’ve seen this year. The ones I saw in the theater will have a (T) next to them. All others where on DVD.

Assault on Precinct 13

Hitch (T)

Diary of a Mad Black Women


Sin City (T)

A Lot Like Love (T)

Crash (T)


Layer Cake

Star Wars: Episode III (T)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

High Tension

Batman Begins (T)

Wedding Crashers (T)

Hustle & Flow

The 40 Year-Old Virgin (T)

The Exorcism of... (T)

In Her Shoes (T)

Elizabethtown (T)

Saw 2 (T)

Jarhead (T)

Rent (T)

The Family Stone (T)

Of all those, I enjoyed Rent, Crash, Hitch and Sin City the most.

The one that I wanted to like the most but turned out hating; Elizabethtown.

The one that I wanted to hate the most but turned out loving; The Family Stone.

Enough with last year. Let’s look forward. I plan to continue taking more classes this year. I plan to read 20 – 25 books this year as I read better and faster then I did at this time last year. This year will be the year where I shoot the short script I wrote. I have two feature scripts I plan on having done by the end of the year.

I want to post more on my blog, so the subject matter will be a little broader. There will also be a new website where I will host this blog under a different name. So check for that soon.

I’m pretty sure I could list more stuff but I’m to tired and have a New Years Cold so I don’t feel like doing anymore. 2006 will have more post, I promise! May you have as much success in 2006 as you allow yourself.


At Tuesday, January 03, 2006, Anonymous Alicia said...

Happy to see a new post!! I would just like to add that my favorite movie in 05 was for me the most anticipated...RENT.

I hope you feel better :-)

At Wednesday, January 11, 2006, Blogger ANDREW M. said...

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.... since WHEN did alicia start liking rent? this is news and a surprise and a motherfuckin' half to me...


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