Thursday, October 06, 2005

I see the light...

I just finished going over my short script doing a polish and then a write. I like the out come. I only have two scenes that I have to tighten up then it should be done. What do you do when you’re done your script or any other writing that you want critiqued? I have a few friends I will give it to, but they are my friends and I want an honest answer.

What questions should I ask? Should I ask any, or just let them tell me what they thought? I’m not sure. I plan on shooting this script sometime in the spring or early summer if everything goes well. What so you do?


At Thursday, October 06, 2005, Blogger ANDREW M. said...

here's the answer to your script-critique prob:

#1 - find a complete asshole (kevin)
#2 - make sure it's someone who has absolutely ZERO consideration for anyone's feelings be they man or beast(kevin)
#3 - then find someone else, because a complete asshole will more than likely act like one (kevin)

there's your solution. i hope it doesn't help. at all. ever.


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