Friday, January 20, 2006

Where I hope to be in 2007.

The benchmake for every independent film is the Sundance film festival. Why? I have no idea. There are other film festivals that will do the same thing for an filmmakers or and actors career, but for some reason this is the first and only place that really count in peoples minds. Chalk it up to good company branding as well as marketing. Everyone wants the “Official Sundance selection or winner” placed on their film.

I plan on shooting a short this year and having it edited in time for, you guessed it, Sundance. This week the festival kicks off in Park City with a more films then any one person can see. The part of this film festival that I like the best is the Online Film Festival that they do for shorts. One reason is, you get to see what kind of films get into Sundance and find out if you may be able to come close to any one of them. This doesn’t seem hard with the quality of the films online, but being that I haven’t shoot a film yet, in my life, I’m sure its much harder then it looks. The second reason I like the online film festival is, I can’t get to Park City and see the films play at the theater and this may be the closest I ever get to see a Sundance.

Early today I watched the film DIVORCE LEMONADE which is only 7 minutes long but was very well done. You can check it out here
As well as some of the other short films. Next year keep an eye out for my short coming to a browser near you!
Divorce Lemonade


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