Monday, February 27, 2006


I've been planning to move this blog to another domain for awhile, while still in the works and not yet done, I plan on moving over to phillyscreenwriter, my new blog. I will keep this blog up because there are people, few people who do have live the beat as a bookmark. I will no longer post here though. I'm moving to wordpress so I can have more control over my post. I also plan on writing about more topics then just screenwriting so look forward to that.

The reason I'm moving early to a blog that is not completely designed the way I want it to be, is because 1) I'm not posting things that I could be posting because I was working on the design of the new blog and didn't want to make any post until I start the new blog, 2) I really don't have an idea about how I want the blog to look so instead of waiting and not writing I thought I would just start using the new domain and blog and work on it behind the scenes.

With that being said, head on over to Philly and check out the new blog.